Custom software to help you seize your next big opportunity.


Software Development & Design

Dekko Digital makes custom software that’s stable, scalable, and secure. Human-focused and easy to use. Expertly tailored around your business goals.

Web Apps | Mobile Apps | E-Commerce| IoT/Device Software | Enterprise Solutions


Web App Capabilities

  • Responsive across browsers, tablets, and smartphones
  • Modern cloud platforms, containerization, and deployment automation; can work offline and sync data periodically
  • Polished, user-friendly, accessible user experience
  • Complex workflows, interactions, and visualizations
  • Multi-tenant systems that scale

Mobile App Capabilities

  • Cross-platform or native iOS/Android
  • Complex workflows, interactions, and visualizations
  • Gateway and management applications for IoT devices; Bluetooth and BLE communication
  • Polished, user-friendly, accessible user experience
  • Cloud-backed; can work offline and sync data periodically

IoT / Device Software Capabilities

  • Product development for industrial, commercial, and consumer systems
  • Extensible Agile-developed firmware; (we were leaders in embedded software testing)
  • Remote device management and updates
  • End-user and administrative web/mobile applications
  • Bluetooth/BLE connectivity

Enterprise Solutions

  • Cross-platform or native development for Windows, macOS, and Linux environments
  • Systems that harness local computing power, direct file system integration, and access to peripherals
  • Legacy systems improved, rearchitected, or migrated to web/cloud using modern technologies
  • Integrate smoothly with ERPs, CRMs, etc.

E-commerce Portals

  • Single Brand Stores, MultiVendor Marketplace, MultiCurrency B2B & B2C Online Store.
  • Integration with 3rd party services such as Accounting, Payment Gateway etc.
  • Expertise in developing highly scalable infrastructure using DigitalOcean/ AWS.

Technical Skill Set

We have experience with many frameworks, languages, and tools, and we can assemble a set that’s a great strategic fit for your project. These are a few we use often.